Monday, 31 August 2015

Week 5 - The Meals

I ate out a lot last week, being in London. So the opportunity to get busy in the kitchen didn't really present itself until this weekend. I kept it very simple for most of the weekend with nothing too adventurous, just lots of fruit and yougart and, my absoulte favourite of anything in all the land, the humble boiled egg.  You literally cannot beat it with a stick, unless its hardboiled, then you could use that bad boy as a Sliotar

Anyway, when I did get into the kitchen, I went a bit mad. I had a goo on my for Paella. It's not made the traditional way with peas and other seafood and chicken, I basically just had chorizo and prawns in, but I was trying to keep it down in ProPoints as it was a lunch and I was planning a pretty epic dinner. 

I may have mentioned before, but I love an oul Chinese meal. Just love it.  But whenever I order in I'm always left over full from the MSG (ehm.. nothing to do with the copious amounts of food I order) and mildly dissatisfied.  A member on the Weight Watchers facebook page posted this recipe and I literally had to try it. Couldn't stop thinking about it all day. Salt and Chili Chicken. It was as good, if not better, than anything I could have ordered in.

Being away forced my to really look at my fruit and veg in take as I was trying to keep the points down as low as I could. Here's hoping it worked out! 

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