Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Week 1 - The Meals

This week was great for getting me to get a little bit creative with my meals. It made me start thinking about what I was eating and ways to keep it interesting.

Here's a little look at some of what I made.. I kept forgetting to take pictures of the meals, so some of the images are from the Weight Watchers website

My favorite breakfasts this week were Eggs in Hellfire (which can be found in the recipe section) and avocado, tomato and smoked salmon on toast.  I used the Aldi Slimbo breads, they only have 2 propoints in them.

My favorite lunch was the Goats Cheese and Parma Ham Salad.

I made the weight watchers Moussaka and reaslised that I do not actually like aubergines at all whatsoever, but my daughter seems to so it wasn't a complete waste.  It's a pity, because the recipe is only 3 propoints so it would have been a handy little point saver if I did like it!  My favorite dinner this week was rosemary chicken and sweet potato fries. Delicious.  I just need to figure out a way of making the fries crisper without actually dunking that in a deep fat frier!!!

Snacks were a lot of fruit salads and popcorn!

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